Oklahoma Arts Council

Oklahoma Arts Council

The Oklahoma Arts Council is the official state agency for the support and development of the arts in Oklahoma.

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Arts Learning in Communities grants provide support for projects that involve arts instruction, classes and/or workshops for people of all ages and abilities. From children to older adults to individuals with disabilities, community-based arts learning programs benefit Oklahomans throughout the state.

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Of Oklahoma’s 3,791,508 citizens, persons over 60 represent 19.3% of the population.

Oklahoma, like the nation, faces unprecedented growth in its older population. The 65 and older age group is the fastest growing and is expected to increase from 13.5% of the population (506,714) in 2010 to 807,989 or 18.8% of the state’s projected populations in 2030.

Women are still living longer than men with 121.7 women over 60 to every 100 men over 60. Oklahoma also has a high percentage of older Oklahomans living in rural areas with 39.3%.

Of persons 60 and older, 16.2% are a part of minority populations. Black Non-Hispanic persons make up 4.8%, Asian and Pacific Islander 1.1%, Hispanic 2.3%, and American Indian and Eskimo Non-Hispanic 5.4%.

Oklahoma is unique with our American Indian population with 50 tribes and 36 different sovereign nations within our borders. We are second in the nation in both percentage of population and total numbers of population within the American Indian tribes.


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